Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who is Lana Robinson?

Who is Lana Robinson? If you don't know she is the creator of one of the most awesome prospecting systems online. You don't need a whole lot of money, friends or knowledge to work this system. It's created especially for the internet newbie who needs a step by step system to attract prospects and leads for their online business. I found her while surfing online and her prospecting system is nothing short of brilliant. Try it for yourself. It's practically free to set up and you'll be pleasantly pleased with the results. ===================================================== If you'd like to learn more about a brand new system that builds YOUR primary business and generates multiple income streams, go here: ==================================================

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diabetics Take Notice!

Are you diabetic? If you are you are not alone. Diabetes is a growing epidemic and many people are affected by it. The spooky thing is not knowing what is going on until you are diagnosed like I was. Education is your best defense and you should learn how to live with it, treat it and control it. The diabetes break through guide is one source of info that was indispensable to me as a diabetic. While there is no "cure" for diabetes, there are common sense things you can do to stay on top of it and natural ways to enhance your health. It's great info and for mens health diabetes guides, you can't do better. I follow the tips in it everyday to keep myself healthy. What have you got to lose? Check it out today. You'll thank me later. Elridge

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let It Snow...

White stuff! Something rarely seen in this part of the USA, especially right around this time of the year. If I had any doubts about the weather forecast, they were confirmed when I took this picture right outside my front door this morning.

Javon had a grand time in the stuff but didn't stay out long enough in it to get excited. My son Grover was planning to do a quick repair to his car but obviously, that got put off until tomorrow. It's been a couple of years since we had a good one like this so it deserved some camera shots. I'll probably put the album up on my Facebook profile just so I can share it with everybody.

I stayed in and got some much needed writing work and surfing done and Sheila had a grand old Western weekend. Although the grass and trees got covered, the roadways didn't slick up and lots of people were out driving in it. It's quite a novelty down here and lots of the kids down the street took the time to throw snowballs and some of them even made a failed attempt at making a snowman.

Tomorrow, things will return to normal as I saw the weather warm up at the end of the day and the snow leave as quickly as it arrived. Pity. I kinda liked the idea of snow out in the yard as a great memory and had hoped to get at least a day out of it to enjoy. I guess I'll have to settle for "snow stories" on the job instead.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dippin' Your Toe Into Web 2.0

Been reading some great blog posts lately and pushing the envelope of my Web 2.0 knowledge. It's a big world out there and I don't think I've even begun to scratch the tip of the surface. Reading materials written by other people is a great way to expand your knowledge and I've found a few jewels this week. The first is a great post from a blog called Scribbit. It's a motherhood topic blog but this particular post has some great organizational tidbits in it and some secrets that the author shares with her audience. If you are starting out with your own blog this is a great post to read and it lets you peek at some of what goes into a great blog. The next post I read that caught my eyes and ears was a post from Joel Therien. He does a great job of focusing on a subject near and dear to us internet marketers: How to avoid mistakes that cost you money with your web page copy and advertising. This will stick with me for awhile as I learned quite a bit from it that I will use when promoting my stuff. I did some "digging" into some stuff I found on Digg and a recommendation from a person I am following on Twitter. The Twitter lead actually pointed to an app for iPhone users but I was attracted because I use a MAC PC and thought it might be worth peeking at. I have found Digg to be a great tool for finding obscure material and often use it to find items of interest I can share with my subscribers. This weekend will find me doing even more research on getting better at using my Web 2.0 tools and doing a little shopping as well. I found a great deal on some kids shoes at the Payless Shoe Store at my personal shopping mall. It's great because I get a rebate on my own purchases there and get paid for people I refer to it. It's called the DHS Club and you can join it for free. If you are interested in making a little extra cash from home they have a great franchise opportunity you can check out while you are there. Believe me, I can use every penny I can scrape and getting cash back is a big deal to me. If you explore Facebook or MySpace this week be sure to add me as a friend. While you are there join our friends group at Robs Networkers on Facebook. They can both be addicting so be sure to set the timer before you explore, ok? See you all online, Elridge

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome Home Soldier Citizen

Hi Folks, The great news here is my son Grover has arrived home from Iraq! The ceremony lasted nearly 3 days this past week and the leadership of the 926th Engineers brigade was more than gracious to all of the families. I had to travel to Hattiesburg, MS USA to see the homecoming which was held at the theatre on Camp Shelby military base. The travel itself was quite an adventure as I got turned around a couple of times trying to find the main post entrance. Grover received 3 medals and a flag that was flown over the unit's base during the time they were in Iraq. He brought me home a T-Shirt and watch and got his mother some custom made jewelry he found while he was over there. My little son Javon was overjoyed to see his big brother and followed him everywhere while we were on the base. I think he didn't want to lose sight of him again and probably missed him more than any of us did while he was gone. We ate at a local Chinese restaurant, one that Grover said the "trekkies" (what the guys in his unit nicknamed themselves) frequented. It was great food but I think he actually went there to look at the servers. Soon we were on the way home and he slept through the next morning like a baby. It just seems he graduated high school just yesterday. I've been traveling quite a bit this month with my trip to Washington DC and the trip to Hattiesburg and I want to tell you about a service I used that has been a god send. Its called Discount Home Shopping Club and I was able to both save money and get money back on some of the purchases I made for my travel! I liked it so well myself, I opted for the business/franchise option which is very reasonable or you can join for free and enjoy the rebates, they are both good deals. Til the next adventure... Elridge Jones

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping Yourself Moving Forward: Some Techniques and Tips for Success in Your Home Business

Even though your home business means you are working at home, you are not alone. Lots of people do it and many more are looking for the promise of success and freedom a home business offers. The key is continuously building your business and moving forward with your personal development plan to be successful with it. Some tips:
1. Use networking and social networking sites to let people know who you are and to educate them about your business. I myself have a Facebook profile page and it has been useful in both making business contacts and attracting people to my business. But networking does not stop there. You should network offline too by handing business cards out to people you meet, making contacts in your community and places you meet other people. Online, tell people your personal story and reach out. Use forums and other sites to comment and engage people in a conversation and get to be well known in your business field.
2. Work on your personal success plan. Read and educate yourself and stay up on trends and current events. Even though business is about profit, you should work to be the most knowledgeable person in your business niche. This is what attracts people and will make you a success.
3. Strive for continuous improvement. Practice business presentations and get good at them. Find out how to get your customers and work to keep them happy. If writing is part of your business, find out how to dazzle your audience. Always try to set your mark higher and reach for the stars.
4. Don't reinvent the wheel. This is most important if your home business is a franchise or network marketing company. Duplication is the key word here so try to follow the template for success and stress it in your organization. If you follow the recipe for success, everyone else in your group will and it will have a domino effect.
The key to keeping yourself moving forward is to develop a plan for success and to keep on schedule with achieving what you want to achieve. Make a habit of reviewing and making adjustment when you need to your plan. Have a daily, weekly and monthly list of tasks to accomplish and stay on point. Doing all these things will be beneficial for you and your business in the long run.